Mazda FB RX-7

I’ve never seen SE wheels polished


Mazda FB RX-7

I’ve never seen SE wheels polished


1970 Lamborghini Miura Jota

The original Jota ( #5084 ) destroyed in 1971.

Lamborghini V12 3929cc / 440 hp / 890 kg (1958 lbs) / 300 km/h (186 mph)

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1966 Dodge D-Dart, Photos by David Newhardt

The 1966 Dodge D/Dart was a Factory Dart package built solely for drag racing. The 273 v8 was rated at 275hp and weighing in at just over 2900 lbs. The car qualified for NHRA’s D/Stock category.

Dodge’s normally aspired high performance 273 was rated at 235hp. The extra 40hp the D/Dart produced was basic hotrodding. Off the speedshop shelf bolt on’s included Racer Brown valve springs, a Camcraft 284-degree .500” lift cam, Doug’s Headers, and a Holley 4160 bolted to the stock intake. All were equipped with the A-833 4 Speed and a Hurst shifter, Weber clutch components, and an 8 3/4 Suregrip with 4.86 gears. Unavailable for this car were air conditioning and a warranty. There were no external badging or markings to note the D/Dart package over a regular Dart GT.

The picture in the 1966 Car Craft article was of a white Dart GT with Cragar S/S mag wheels. They tested the car at 14.33 @ 92.21 mph.

This superstock D/Dart package is identified on these seldom seen cars by VIN number and data plate. The cars were Dart GTs 1966 cars and are certified by decoding the aforementioned as done by expert Galen Govier.

These cars have a VIN that begins LO23. The order includes the following sales codes: 699 - Special Order (Super Stock Dart); 409 - Special Order Axle; 364 - Super Stock; 624 - heavy-duty suspension; 32 - engine code; 554 - delete rear seat belts; 393 - four speed transmission; 21 - 6.95 X 14 BSW rayon 2-ply tires; 408 -Sure Grip; P4H - trim code (red); WW1 - paint code (white).

This particular example is documented with an decoding by expert Galen Govier which states that it was produced on April 17, 1966 as a special order assembled at the Hamtramck, MI plant as a Dodge Super Stock D-Dart.


- 273 four barrel V-8 engine

- Four-speed A833 manual transmission

- Special Order axle - Bucket seats

- Original data plate - Galen Govier decoding documentation

- One of only 50 made. The only superstock vehicle that Chrysler made in 1966. - Extremely Rare, original example

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